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The new system.
DEAR SERGEANT AL: What is the National Terrorism Advisory System, and how is it different from the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System? – A DEAD TERRORIST EXACTS REVENGE RESISTANCE OVER REASON
The old one.
DEAR AD TERROR: Happy National Patriot’s Day my fellow American or American supporter, and thanks for your question that I chose to save for and post on this somber commemorative and faithful day that is the anniversary of the terror attacks 11 years ago today on the same Tuesday. My condolences and respects to those we lost then and subsequently thereafter as a result of those cowardly acts, and may we continue on our path toward rebuilding and strengthening ourselves to show the world our resolve. I also make special mention of our troops and intelligence gathering people EVERYWHERE in the world, even in those parts of the world that we do not publicly know of, that are assigned or deployed in dangerous areas with the duty to protect us. God bless you all and thank you for your service to our great nation.

Right after September 11th, the American people needed to have an easy to understand terror alert system to help in our defense of the homeland, and for a time a color coded alert system served its purpose well. Initiated by the G.W. Bush Administration right after the attacks, the color-coded system gave us a level of the threat and what actions were needed to counter the effects of an impending threat or attack. Green was the least threatening and red was most severe. This was an appropriate system at the time when as you remember we were not sure when the overall threat would be abated, when we also were trying to neutralize crises like the anthrax threat that was ongoing for several weeks, and the small cowardly incidents like the shoe bomber after the initial attacks. Don’t forget the impending threat of attacks against the west coast that came in early 2002. Also remember that this system was also used for the run up to both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and through both of their courses, as we didn’t initially know how severe a threat the repercussions would be from our involvement in both countries. As one war came winding down, and the other saw our involvement approach a ten-year mark, a different strategy to terror warning had to be created.

Realizing that keeping people on a perpetual alert status wasn’t serving anyone well at the risk of drowning out a new, fresh, severe, or more credible message, the Department of Homeland Security in April 2009 instituted a new system that would alert the public only if a credible threat needed to be advised, and once alerted what steps were needed to abate or neutralize the threat.  If you look in the right hand column of your screen you will see a DHS banner that advises the terror alert if any.

So from now on instead of getting a color, you will be given a specific threat and what actions you need to do to protect yourself. The threat will also be location specific if need be, instead of blanketing the whole country if such a threat only pertains to a local area. For more details I suggest you click here to go to the DHS website to find out more information and to get a banner for your website or blog to monitor the DHS site for any alerts. The White House has a great site from a blog entry made by Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano explaining the new system.

By using this new system, an alert will stand out better than the old way, which might get lost in a terror watch blur. Please remember that the Al Qaeda pests, the infestation they are, are still amongst us trying to cowardly commandeer wide body airliners and to taint our mail or parcel deliveries. Be ever more vigilant! I hope this answers your question. Thanks for asking!

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